What Are Braces?

If you have a crooked smile because your teeth are not straight don't be sad because even other people have the same problem. There are also a lot of people that does not have perfect teeth. So do not worry if your teeth are not aligned properly because that just means that you are just the same as everyone.

The conditions of the teeth may differ from one person to another. The problem might be for some having teeth that are not straight, while for others the problem might be because of the size of their jaws. You must remember that only a few people are born and blessed with a flawlessly straight set of teeth or a well balanced jaw size. It can be classified as an overbite if a person is having a bigger upper jaw compared to his or her lower jaw. It is then called an underbite if the lower jaw is much larger than the upper jaw. These type of medical conditions to a person's jaw is called malocclusion. The word come from a Latin term which means "bad bite". Check out the orthodontist in irmo sc .

The dentist that is responsible for your family's dental care may have not noticed your misaligned teeth during your dental visits. The best thing to do when you have concerns about the alignment of your teeth is to see an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist specializing on the field of making the teeth straight with the help of things knows as braces. An orthodontist is the only person that can let you know of whether or not you need to have braces for yout teeth.

A couple of decades ago the term "metal mouth" was used to describe people with braces because of the metal rings or bands that can be seen around the teeth of the person using braces. If you know some old people who had braces when they were younger, you can look if they have photographs wherein they can be seen wearing some ugly metal contraptions. Get ready to learn about braces Irmo SC .

There is a big difference now in the modern age because of advancements in the dental world, the type of braces we have nowadays are no invisible and clear making it less noticeable. Even so, there are still quite a few people nowadays that would still prefer using those old type of metal braces. For those people who choose to use metal braces, they will have an option to choose the brackets that have the same color of their teeth. And for some people who does not want to let others see their braces, they would choose to put the brackets behind their teeth. Mostly these kind of braces are used by a lot of famous actors or actresses, and tv personalities.